We are pleased to provide you the following services.

We perform successful projects using the "Apps Akademi Methodology", which we create by blending the accepted implementation methodologies all over the world with our own experience, for the solutions we offer.


The training services of the products that are found in our portfolio are offered by our experienced consultant staff so our customers who use our solutions are able to keep their user competencies at the highest level.

We offer comprehensive support services to create an environment where our customers can use our solutions healthier, meet their new needs, and address their existing problems.

Application Software Maint

We also offer the management services of the technical infrastructures that are required to work with the system's uninterrupted and top-level performance for the solutions we offer. With our experienced staff, we provide support for all types of systems management in the operating system, database and application tiers.

The way the investments in the solutions we offer can be protected; It depends on the use of current versions of our products enriched with new technologies and functionalities. For this purpose, we also offer upgrade consultancy to ensure the protection of our customers ' investments and the highest level of satisfaction levels.